Drake’s $150,000 Custom Raptors Championship Ring Is Hilariously Massive

drake raptors championship ring

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The Raptors welcomed the Pelicans to Toronto on Tuesday night to tip-off the new NBA season. Prior to the game, the team was introduced with its 2018-19 championship rings.

The rings aren’t your typical championship rings though, according to the AP, the Raptors’ rings are the biggest in NBA history. The rings contain more than 650 diamonds and 16 rubies which represent the amount of wins it takes in the playoffs to win a title.

The rings are about as subtle as a ring with 650 diamonds on it can be, actually.

You can’t talk Raptors championship without bringing up Drake of course, and the superfan/team ambassador received some bling as well.

While he did receive his own official championship ring from the organization, he wanted to take things just a little bit further and decided to get a $150,000 custom Raptors ring designed.

According to jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, the ring contains 30 carats of diamonds and as you can see below, the thing is insanely massive. All championship rings look unwearable due to the size, but this one is on a different level.

It’s safe to say that the Raptors’ official rings look more like a true championship ring, but you can’t really say anything bad about Drake’s custom ring either. First off, the red old-school Raptors logo in the middle of the ring is a nice touch, but maybe the most unique part of the ring is the standalone diamond that serves as the top of the Larry O’Brien trophy while also playing along with the skyline of Toronto and the CN Tower as well.

Is the ring completely unnecessary since Drake received an official one? Sure, but if you’re that involved with the team and have that kind of money laying around I guess there are worse things to spend $150,000 on.