Drake Trolled His Dad’s Tattoo, Which Is A Portrait Of Drizzy’s Face, And The Twitter Reaction Is Hysterical

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Drake’s dad got a tattoo of his son about five years ago. On Monday, Drizzy was thinking about that image, which he views as unflattering.

The rapper’s dad, Dennis Graham, got the portrait of Drizzy on the outside of his right arm. The act was done in response to the rapper having gotten his pop’s mugshot inked on his forearm in 2014. But Drake thinks he was done wrong by the way the design came out.

He took to social media to voice his still unsettled dissatisfaction in the funniest of ways.

In an Instagram post, Drake snapped the photo of the tattoo while calling Graham out with the following caption.

” I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family.”

His pops responded with a reply of his own, saying he’s been trying to get the tattoo fixed up to more closely resemble his son.

“Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out, they’re hurting me.”

The image and interaction had many on social media laughing. Take a look at the response on Twitter.

Fans on Twitter respond to Drake’s dad’s tattoo

While the tattoo was inked in love, Drake couldn’t help but make fun of the design. Others chimed in with their replies, too.

I guess most agree that the tattoo could use some work.

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