Dude Flying Around In A Hammock Being Carried By A Drone Is DEFINITELY Living His Best Life

Just like I said in the headline, this dude is living his best life. He rigged a powerful drone to carry not only a hammock but also the full weight of his body inside of that hammock. He’s essentially built himself his very own plane, or Ultralite. It’s a way for him to cruise around his tiny central Georgia town of Khashuri whenever dafuq he wants.

I’m interested in drones. They’re fun to mess around with in the office. I think the Drone Racing League is totally badass and it’s definitely something that’s going to keep growing just as long as ESPN keeps it on TV. At the same time, I haven’t yet been interested enough in drones to spend any considerable amount of money, until now. If I can fly myself from the backyard to the mailbox in my hammock using a drone, that’s when I’m ready to start throwing lots of Benjamins (hundred dollar bills) on a nice drone. I might be one of the laziest people you’ll ever meet, and this will only enhance my level of laziness. I need this now.

Do you even need to see where you’re going when you’re flying in a hammock and it’s already see through? And how far off the ground are you comfortable with flying? It’s not like the chord that hammocks are made from is indestructible. I’ve never fallen through/broken a hammock in my life, but when I’m flying 75-feet in the air my mind’s going to start playing tricks on me. These are the questions I need answered before I’m willing to do this myself. (h/t DailyMail)

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