Drunk wife making ‘grilled cheeses’ was a lie and now we feel betrayed

Let’s all think back to yesterday and the glory that was “drunk wife making grilled cheeses.”

It was a perfect video. It was a perfect day. All way right with the world. Today, we wake up to nothing but lies. FUCKING LIES!

The lure of creating a viral video sensation is still strong in 2014. A water-cooler worthy video could land you international recognition, TV appearances, and not to mention a paycheck from ad preroll and potential brand partnerships if you’re lucky enough to cross into the internet fame stratosphere. The path to such viral fame often starts with Reddit, and users are often sharing their own videos or the videos of others they find. That’s all fair game, unless the video you put up is actually a skit you’re trying to pass off as something unique and true to life. Thus was the issue with the “Drunk Wife Makes Grilled Cheeses” video, which Reddit swiftly debunked.

For a moment, it looked like a hilarious find. A man wakes up at 2:30am to find his drunk wife making “grilled cheeses” in the kitchen, except all she’s doing is melting string cheese on Goldfish crackers and randomly removing her clothes. The man films his wife and, boom, viral sensation. The drunk cooking formula worked for YouTuber Hannah Hart, what would possibly go wrong?

In this case, it’s all a fake. The “wife” in question is comedian Ashley Bez, who is not married according to the Reddit debunkers. Although this is not always the mark of a hoax, they also noted that the video was uploaded on a dummy channel with only the one video, and that the poster has been suspiciously quiet since he linked the video on Reddit.

She wasn’t really drunk, she’s not married and she doesn’t even know how to make grilled cheese. I just don’t want to live in a world where every video might be fake.

[via The Daily Dot]