Singer Dua Lipa Pics Go Viral On Her 28th Birthday Party

Dua Lipa

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Image

Dua Lipa is making sure her 28th birthday becomes a holiday for her fans too.

The Grammy winner has been soaking up the sun on an oceanside vacation, just living her best life.

During her party, Dua Lipa decided that wearing a shirt on her birthday is just overrated.

She gifted her fans a sight to remember by sporting a birthday outfit that consisted of a bra and some pink pants. Yes, you read that right. Clearly, she’s redefining the concept of “birthday suit.” 🎉

It’s her special day, so why not celebrate it like a true fashion pioneer? The birthday girl posted pics on her Instagram, flaunting her unique attire while having a blast with her friends.

Her caption game is on point too: “Raving into my 28th year thank you for the birthday wishes.”

Dua Lipa later shared pictures from a fancy birthday dinner with her friends. Her caption was as concise as her vacation packing list: “Birthday dinner ❤️”. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Seems like Dua Lipa’s vacation game is strong. She’s been trotting across the globe, from Albania to the Peloponnese. She even shared pictures of herself rocking a see-through outfit during her summer adventures.

So, as Dua Lipa serenades her way into her 28th year, we can only wonder what daring fashion choices she has in store for us next.