This Simple-But-Brilliant Trick Will Stop Your Phone From Autocorrecting To ‘Ducking’

Ducking Phone Hack


There’s nothing more frustrating than being right in the middle of a text rant, joke, or any other reason to drop the “F-bomb,” and your phone suddenly turns into a goody no-shoes and autocorrects “f*cking” to “ducking.”

The word ducking is now more offensive than any curse word, especially when reading back a text that says “I can’t believe Tom Brady won another ducking Super Bowl” or “I can’t wait to spend the weekend ducking while we’re snowed in.”

Well, this simple phone hack will keep your phone from ducking with your text messages ever again.

According to Jill Kargman, a correspondent on The Drew Barrymore Show and now my favorite person on earth, the easiest way to keep your phone from changing the F-word to the D-word involves a simple addition to your contacts.

Just add “F*cking F*ck” to your contacts and there’s no ducking way your phone will ever screw with you again.

And if you don’t want to the F-word capitalized every time, use lowercase Fs for the contact.

Since we’re on the topic of phone hacks, here’s another one from our Editor-in-Chief, Cass Anderson, that comes in handy if you buy a ton of stuff on your phone.

You can set up a shortcut and make @ @ (with no space) autofill something, specifically, your email so when I type @@ it autofills my email.

Just go to – Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text replacement -> add

It’s perfect for checkout anytime you buy anything online.

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