Dwayne Johnson And Huge Gorilla Battle A Giant Alligator And Flying Werewolf In ‘Rampage’ Trailer

by 3 months ago

Hollywood is once again mining video games for ideas for movies. The latest movie adaptation of a video game is the upcoming Rampage movie, which stars Dwayne Johnson as he attempts to tame gargantuan beasts. The movie is based on the classic 1986 arcade game by Midway Games where a King Kong-like gorilla, a Godzilla-esque dinosaur or lizard or alligator, and a werewolf are all transformed into enormous versions of themselves as they battle each other and destroy cities such as Peoria, Illinois and Plano, Illinois.

The Rock, looking much like his character in Jumanji, stars in the Rampage movie as primatologist Davis Okoye. He is best bros with a silverback gorilla named “George.” However, the side effects of a mysterious “Project Rampage” initiative transforms the gorilla into a gigantic beast capable of obliterating cars and skyscrapers. George is joined by a 30-foot-tall wolf that flies and a dragon-like creature that would make Daenerys Targaryen quiver.

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