The Rock Accidentally Ripped A Nasty Chunk Of Skin Off His Leg, Laughed And Called It ‘Fun Pain’

by 1 year ago
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As we all very well know by now, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the undisputed king of the humblebrag. The stories he tells, especially on social media, are at times almost mythological. I’m sure it’s a combination of ego and his background in professional wrestling, but regardless of why, the man certainly knows how to spin a tale.

Whether it’s showing off what a great guy he is to his devoted fans or sharing his incredible workout exploits or just bragging about how far he can hit a golf ball dude is truly one of a kind.

Which is why we love him, of course, and want him to run for President.


I mean, who wouldn’t want the man in charge of the country to be so freaking tough that when he accidentally shreds the crap out of his leg he just laughs it off and calls it “fun pain.”

“Ain’t got time to bleed. Fun pain walkin’ full speed into a sharp corner cuttin’ you so good it gets split & peeled back to the tasty white meat,” The Rock captioned the video below.

He’s not kidding either so [WARNING] if you have a weak stomach, well…

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