‘The Rock’ Is Officially One Step Closer To *Actually* Running For President, If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson


It’s pretty safe to say that politics as we know it will never be the same again after the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. It’s been a wild spectacle of MAGA chants, name-calling, and screaming “fake news” since Trump entered the presidential race for real back in 2015. Who knows if he’ll ever get around to draining the swamp or building that dumb, expensive wall.

We’re pretty clearly entertaining an era of personality politics driven by celebrity culture. This is why many have called for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to run for President over the past few months, noting that he’s easily one of the most likable guys on social media. Sure he’s Mr. Humble Brags and sure he has some dumb opinions on the “thinking face” emoji, but there’s not a bigger celebrity in the world.

And now he’s officially one step closer to *actually* running for the highest political office in the free world. On Sunday, July 9, a man named Kenton Tilford with an address in Wheeling, West Virginia filed with the Federal Election Commission to create a committee called “Run the Rock 2020.”

There have been murmurs of this for a long time, so wild to see it in action. This doesn’t necessarily mean The Rock is behind this committee or intends to run. But it certainly means he can, if you smell what he’s cookin’:

Stay tuned, ya bunch of candyass jabronis. This could get *real* interesting in 2020.

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