Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals What’s In His Gym Bag – Raw Hot Dogs And Tequila

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed what's in his gym bag when he goes to workout -- hot dogs, tequila and a doll.

Getty Image / Kevin Winter / Staff

What’s in your gym bag? A bottle of water, deodorant, flip-flops, hand sanitizer, headphones? But what about raw hot dogs and tequila? Those are the necessary workout items that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson brings to the gym for his workouts.

In an Instagram post, The Rock revealed what’s in his gym bag. The video is captioned: “Motivation Monday and a good morning from the Iron Paradise. Have a productive week, my friends. And when you think you’re ready to eat lion meat, let me know.”

“Really quickly gonna show you guys all the essentials one would need before their work out and certainly all the essentials that I need before my workout here in the iron paradise,” Johnson said on his Instagram.

The Rock pulled out a doll of Maui, which he was the voice of in the Disney movie Moana, and a Trolls coloring book that his daughter colored. There was also a post-workout shake, an action figure of himself to give to Kevin Hart to play with, a beanie, yellow headphones, and a bag of lion meat. The “lion meat” Dwayne is talking about curiously looks a lot like raw hot dogs. But during the video, The Rock assured his fans that the lion meat is definitely not raw hot dogs.

“They look like hot dogs, but they’re called ‘lion dogs’ and they’re actually made from the intestines and the blood of lions,” The Rock said. “A little secret, a little workout secret that’s a good post-workout snack.”

To wash down the lion dogs, Johnson brought a small bottle of tequila to the gym. The añejo tequila is The Rock’s own brand of tequila that is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Johnson also had a magic eight ball and asked for answers to the essential questions in life. “Dear magic eight ball, will People magazine finally just stop giving out Sexiest Man Alive and just give it to me in perpetuity, because once Sexiest Man Alive, as I was, then always Sexiest Man Alive? What do you say?” After shaking the magic eight ball, it read: “Chances aren’t good.”

Tequila at the gym? Genius! (Until you drop the barbell on your neck).