People Are Making A Very Compelling Case For Eating Hamburgers Upside Down


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There’s a grassroots movement taking place right now with people suggesting the best way to eat a burger (hamburger or cheeseburger) is upside down. You might already be eating your burger this way, or it could be something you do unconsciously when picking up a fully-loaded burger, or you might think it’s blasphemous to eat the burger this way.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to eat burgers but this one has some sound logic behind it. The idea here is that the top bun is larger and spongier, it’s better suited to soak up all the juices from the burger to lock in the flavor. And the larger top bun is more durable.

Personally, I’m a ‘cut down the middle with a knife to split in half’ eater when it comes to taking down burgers but if I look at a burger and it’s too much for the bun then I think the logical step is to flip it upside down. I feel like this is just common sense but apparently this is some huge revelation that’s sweeping Twitter at the moment after Food Insider shared a clip of why people should be eating burgers upside down.

The reactions started pouring in almost immediately.

You shouldn’t feel stupid for doing this but you should recognize that it makes the burger look significantly less appetizing.

Who the hell puts condiments on the bottom? That would immediately cause everything to fall out the sides.

Some people appear to have been immediately converted to this upside down way of eating burgers while others are holdouts.

Personally, I think telling someone how to eat a hamburger is complete bullshit. Just give the people the pros and cons of both ways, every way, and let them choose for themselves. Not every burger is large enough and juicy enough for this to make sense.

Almost every hamburger bun is different. I personally prefer potato buns which tend to be more durable and heavier than regular buns. WIht potato buns this isn’t nearly as much of an issue. The same can be said with pretzel buns but I happen to think those should be reserved only for hot dogs and sausages.

If you want to eat your burger upside down, you should. If you want to cut it in half and eat it right side up, do that. Don’t let anyone make your burger decisions for you.

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