Ed Sheeran Suffers Through The ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge And Tells Stories About Eric Clapton, Eminem, And Others

Ed Sheeran Hot Ones Challenge

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  • Ed Sheeran completes the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge where eats some of the hottest wings on the planet
  • The wings are eaten in ascening order of torture and Ed is asked questions throughout and shares some wild stories about life in the music industry
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I’ve always had the sense that Ed Sheeran would be a really chill celebrity to hang out with. I’m sure part of that is the public persona he and his team have specifically crafted over the years but the dude genuinely seems down to earth.

The beauty of the Hot Ones format is celebrity guests can’t hide behind a false persona. If someone’s trying to play it cool for the camera that all comes crashing down by the 6th or 7th wing and they reveal their true selves before the end.

Ed Sheeran’s Hot Ones challenge is moderately successful at best. He makes it to the end but not without the help of milk. I don’t blame the guy, I’ve had Da Bomb Sauce before and it nuked me for the rest of the day. That hot sauce is just mean. It doesn’t even taste good, it’s just vicious in nature.

It is surprising how many people I’ve talked to over the years who are Hot Ones fans but don’t realize they can buy the sauces online. Each one of the hot sauces that Ed Sheeran suffered through in the Hot Ones challenge is available for purchase on TheHeatonist.com website. They can be purchased individually or as a Season 15 pack with every sauce in this season’s lineup.

I’m not advocating for you to get out there in the world and destroy your tastebuds as Ed Sheeran did here. But if you’re interest is piqued by these hot sauces and you want to test your limits then you can find them online. That’s all I’m saying.