Watch: Elon Musk Viciously Booed While Attending Esports Tournament In Los Angeles

Elon Musk

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Elon Musk has spent the past few years steadily destroying the goodwill he amassed after positioning himself as the visionary tech titan behind Tesla and SpaceX, and the hits just keep on coming for a man who was greeted by a chorus of boos after showing up at an esports competition in San Francisco.

You could write an entire book detailing the many ways the divisive billionaire has managed to turn people against him (and I’m sure someone is probably working on doing exactly that), but it’s safe to say his critics have plenty of ammo.

That includes the various missteps and unforced errors Musk has committed since becoming the owner of The Platform Formerly Known As Twitter in 2022, and there are plenty of decisions (like rebranding it as “X”) that have made it increasingly hard to believe he’s the genius many people viewed him as before the tides began to turn.

Musk has also managed to make a lot of enemies in Silicon Valley and beyond; last year, he got a very rude welcome when Dave Chappelle invited him to join him on stage during a show in San Francisco where he was booed for a solid ten minutes by plenty of the people in attendance.

Now, it seems like a bit of a trend has emerged based on what unfolded when Musk attended VALORANT Champions 2023, an esports tournament that wrapped up in Los Angeles over the weekend.

During one of the games, spectators were treated to a brief shot of Musk sitting in the crowd and wasted no time showering him with boos after becoming aware of his presence at the tournament.

While that was a relatively tame reception compared to the one he received after linking up with Chappelle, you have to wonder if Musk will think twice about attending crowded events in California (or anywhere else) going forward.

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