Elon Musk Inspired This Custom Made $4,500 iPhone X

Elon Musk

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Unless you’re a badass daredevil who lives life on the edge, there’s a very good chance you have a case on your phone to safeguard against any freak accidents and random acts of drunkenness you encounter over the course of your travels. If you’re like me, it’s a five dollar piece of rubber in the shape of a Game Boy that took three weeks to get shipped from China, but there are plenty of other options out there if you’re looking to get a little fancier.

If you’re a fan of carrying around a case the size of the cellphones guys on Wall Street used in the 80s, then you might have one that’s capable of charging your phone. However, I’m willing to bet its slightly less advanced than the Elon Musk-inspired solar-powered product that was recently unveiled by the Russian accessory maker Caviar.

If you’re fluent in Russian, the company released a video describing the features, but if you’re not, then I’d be more than happy to sum them up for you.

Dubbed “The iPhone X Tesla,” Caviar has housed the latest edition of Apple’s smartphone in a custom carbon fiber case accentuated with gold and sporting a solar panel capable of fueling your phone with whatever light source is most convenient (it’s also water and shock resistant).

If this has piqued your interest, you should know the company is only producing 999 of these phones ($4,500 will get you 64 gigabytes of storage, although you can upgrade to 256 GBs for a few hundred dollars more). According to Apple Insider, the first phone will be engraved with a special message and sent to Elon Musk—one of the three iconic innovators who inspired it— which is really nice of them because Musk really doesn’t have any other fancy things in his life.

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