Scottish Rapper Released ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Track 5 Years Ago With Same Artwork And Same Samples Eminem Used

Darren Stewart, who is the rapper Zee the Dungeonous released a song titled Music To be Murdered By, which uses the same artwork, Alfred Hitchcock samples and release date as Eminem's newest album.

Getty Image / Kevin Mazur / Contributor

A relatively unknown Scottish rapper is blown away by all of the coincidences between his rap song from five years ago and Eminem’s newest album Music To Be Murdered By. Still, the rapper doesn’t believe Marshall Mathers stole his ideas.

Eminem released his latest album last week, and it is already poised to be the #1 album on Billboard charts. The album is titled Music To Be Murdered By, which is inspired by the 1958 Jeff Alexander album, Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music to Be Murdered By. Eminem shared a photo of Hitchcock’s album cover on Instagram with the caption: “Inspired by the master, Uncle Alfred!”

But before Eminem was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, another rapper was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. Five years ago, Darren Stewart AKA rapper Zee The Dungeonous released a track titled Music To Be Murdered By. The song was released on January 17, 2015, and coincidentally, Slim Shady released his Music To Be Murdered By album exactly five years later on January 17, 2020.

Stewart, a 27-year-old from Stobswell, Scotland, also points out that both he and Eminem use the same voice samples from Alfred Hitchcock. Both hip-hop artists used Hitchcock’s album cover for their album artwork.

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“When I heard the Hitchcock samples, the same title, and release date, I did start to get a little freaked out,” Stewart told the Evening Standard. “He is one of my idols, and it could well be a coincidence, but you do hear stories of richer artists with louder fan bases getting away with that sort of thing.”

While this all sounds like wild coincidences, there is one aspect that makes this claim very credible. Zee The Dungeonous worked with D12 member Bizarre, who has also worked with Eminem for years.

“I had a guest feature from Bizarre on my album, who I met after a concert in Glasgow in 2008, which I released two years before Music to be Murdered By which was called Murder Zee Wrote,” Stewart said.

“We have our connections to D12, and it doesn’t put it too far out of the realm of possibility that Eminem, through Bizarre, heard my track, dug for the sample I used, and took the concept,” Stewart said.

Despite all of the coincidences, Stewart doesn’t believe Eminem stole his idea, and is utilizing the situation to promote his new music.

“Being real, I don’t actually believe Eminem stole my track,” Stewart said in a Facebook post. “Even with the D12 connection, it’s off his radar. But it’s still a series of mad coincidences right down to the release date, so geez some free promo. Nice timing, my new release Gravehearted is dropping in February.”

“I’ve tweeted Eminem about it and also contacted Bizarre. I wouldn’t say I was annoyed, if it’s straight-up coincidence then I would be amazed,” Stewart said. “He is a hero of mine, and if it’s not a coincidence I’m genuinely flattered by it all.”


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