The Fool-Proof Guide To Engagement Ring Shopping

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As somebody who literally just spent this previous summer engagement ring shopping, I can tell you firsthand how different of an experience it is during a pandemic than it normally is. Security in jewelry stores are already intense, but multiply that by about 100 now with COVID in our lives.

Masks. Hand sanitizer. Socially distancing. Spraying rings down. All of this is common practice, but because you’re dealing with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, stores are keeping even more eyes on shoppers. That’s a good thing, but, man, it can be a little intimidating — as if shopping for an engagement ring wasn’t enough already.

Oh, this all goes without mentioning that to get into the store to begin with, you’ve got to make an appointment and have your temperature checked, so it’s like you’re going to a super secret spot just to look at rings. It’s a bit… much.

But you can avoid all the headaches that normal engagement ring shopping brings by simply doing what everyone loves to do anyway: shop online. And the only place to get top-notch service with A+ engagement ring options is Clean Origin, who are the go-to experts for guys before popping the big question.

While wedding season may look a little bit different with the pandemic still around, so too has the way people shop for engagement rings. Clean Origin makes things easy, and has some tips on engagement ring shopping in 2021 to follow in order to make sure you’re purchasing the very best for your significant other.

Tips on engagement ring shopping in 2021

Step 1: Decide if you’re going to buy in-store or online

Engagement ring shopping online has become a much more common practice over the past few years, and trusted places like Clean Origin offer great reviews, free shipping, and 100-day return policies once you’ve made your decision.

Step 2: Do some research

To get the most out of engagement ring shopping, all customers should do some research on lab grown diamonds, the four C’s, and metal types. The best part? Clean Origin’s diamond experts are available to talk via phone, chat, or email to get some answers!

Step 3: Decide on which type of diamond you want

At Clean Origin, only lab grown diamonds are available, as the brand believes they’re the only way to ensure your stone is 100%ethically sourced. It’s important for customers to understand the similarities/differences between mined and lab created diamonds, including: how they’re grown, how they’re certified and graded, and how much they cost.

Here are a few must-know facts about lab grown vs mined diamonds:

  1. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds
  2. The mined diamond industry has a history of unethical practices, so buying a lab created diamond is a good way to ensure your stone isn’t a ‘blood diamond’
  3. Lab created diamonds can be up to 40% less expensive than mined stones

Step 4: Select your diamond shape

Sure, round engagement rings are the most popular, but there are tons of other unique diamond shapes to choose from. Plus, some of these “fancy shaped diamonds” can actually make your diamond appear larger than it really is, such as ovals and emeralds. Not to mention, ovals are trending right now.

Step 5: Choose a setting style

From traditional to vintage and everything in between, there are endless setting styles to choose from. If your partner hasn’t outright told you what they’re hoping for, talk with their friends/family, look at their Pinterest boards, and sneak a peek at their jewelry box. More often than not, this will give you a good idea of what style to go with.

Step 6: Pick the metal type

Most Clean Origin rings come in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold; 18k white and yellow gold; and platinum. Each metal has its own pros/cons, but 14k white gold is definitely the best seller. It might be nice to note, however, that yellow gold is definitely trending right now, so choose your metal carefully… because this is going to last forever.

Look, guys, there probably aren’t too many of you who know a thing about engagement ring shopping… and that’s OK. I know I sure as hell didn’t have a clue about the four C’s of diamonds or the difference between a solitaire and a vintage setting. But before butchering your purchase — which is just sort of an important one — go ahead and trust the experts at Clean Origin, who know what they’re doing and will make your experience shopping for engagement rings much easier than mine was last summer.

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