Enormous Alligator’s Primal Mating Call Causes A Stir

alligator mating call display

iStockphoto / PaulWolf

It is the peak of alligator mating season right now in Florida. The annual coupling event happens between May and June each year, depending on the weather.

A visitor to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park just south of Gainesville, Florida captured this primal sound and display on video. Andy Fischer filmed a massive alligator going through its mating ritual and bellowing out the eery sound that causes the water to dance off its back.

The best way to describe an alligator mating call for someone that’s never heard it is something similar to the T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park, but deeper and if half of the T-Rex’s body was underwater.

It is such a deep bellowing sound that it creates a reverse waterfall of water droplets bouncing off the alligator’s back. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Andy Fischer shared his footage with Orlando’s Fox 35. He said he spotted the two massive alligators while walking along the La Chua Trail in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

The weather seemed to heat up earlier than expected this year in Florida. Some experts predicted alligator mating season would come early.

The alligator mating call filmed by Andy Fischer was actually shared to Facebook on April 17th, a month ago, but it’s just now going viral.

On Facebook, fellow alligator lovers wrote:

“This video is absolutely amazing!!! Love the water dance so much.”

“I’ve tried this technique for picking up chicks, but it didn’t work.”

“Carl will you shut up and let me sunbathe in peace?”

It is particularly important to exercise caution when visiting state parks in Florida during alligator mating season. The larger male alligators tend to be more territorial during this time of year.