ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Gets Crushed By Fans After Suggesting Justin Fields Developed Bad Throwing Mechanics From Playing Baseball


The NFL draft is less than two weeks away which means it’s that time of year when analysts say absurd things while giving hot takes on prospects.

On Tuesday during ESPN’s SportsCenter special on the NFL draft, Chris Mortensen bizarrely suggested that QB Justin Fields may have developed bad throwing mechanics from playing baseball at Ohio State

“People don’t realize Justin Fields was a big time high school baseball player,”. “He was invited to the Perfect Game showcase at Harrison High School in metro Atlanta where the top high school players showcase for Major League scouts.”

“He also was getting ready to play baseball at Ohio State last year. So he was actually going between two sports, getting ready and then the pandemic – are they or aren’t they – those type of things might have messed with his mechanics a little bit.”

Fans crushed Mortensen over his take considering some of the top QBs in the game including Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray played baseball before joining the NFL.