This Fake Yeezy Store In China Is SO Bad That It’s Somehow Awesome

by 1 year ago

The Chinese black market loves nothing more than stealing American products and selling them for cheap. This is an extraordinarily easy task for Chinese manufacturers to pull off because more often than not these products are already being manufactured in China.

Here, we see YouTube vlogger Collin Abroadcast going to a fake Yeezy store in China. Coincidentally, Kanye West’s Yeezy Boosts are manufactured in China. Kanye’s even discussed visiting China to involve himself directly in the design process…Which, to be honest, I don’t see how someone can say they’ve designed a shoe when they’re not responsible for overseeing every aspect of it but then again I’ve never designed a shoe so I’m not one to judge here.

Anyways, this vlogger stumbled into a fake Yeezy store in China and it’s so, SO BAD that it’s almost amazing. What I don’t fully understand is if people are buying those shoes knowing that they’re fake, or if people in China think these are 100% legit? If they’re paying hundreds of dollars for well-manufactured knockoffs that are unique, that’s fine. But, if they think those are 100% legit Yeezy’s then there’s a serious problem here because people are getting ripped off. What do you bros think, are people buying these shoes thinking they’re real?

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