Fashion Brand Selling $315 Denim Panties Because Apparently Janties Are In Style

Humans have been wearing clothes since nearly the beginning of their existence, so you can’t fault fashion designers for running out of ideas about clothing since they’ve been around tens of thousands of years. That won’t stop fashion brands from pushing some ridiculous clothing that is completely nonsensical and silly. The newest example of fashion going too far is denim panties. That’s gonna chafe.

Clothing retailer Ssense made the world aware of denim panties or janties if you’d like. The jean panties are made by Y/Project, made their unforgettable yet regrettable debut at Paris Fashion Week. The janties are part of Y/Project’s Spring/Summer 2019 womenswear collection. Janties? Does that mean women will get jameltoe?

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How’s it going Denim Dan? You look like the president, chairman, and CEO of Levi Straus. Hey, where’d you get the Canadian tuxedo?

[protected-iframe id=”ef769bc966982bc3db517a2d1a4fe501-97886205-93291949″ info=”” ]

The product description for the denim diapers: “Denim brief-style shorts in navy. Fading throughout. Mid-rise. Three-pocket styling. Belt-loops at waistband. Copper-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Imported.” Don’t get your janties in a bunch, but dry-humping in denim panties probably isn’t fun for anyone.

Those pockets don’t appear to be very functional. As if these crotch-irritating jeanties weren’t ridiculous enough, the price may even be more outrageous. The price for these jean panties is a whopping $315. But a great pair of jeans are like $150 and they cover all of your legs and the pockets even work.

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Is this from Mugatu’s “Derelicte” fashion line?

Girls this summer showing off their brand new janties.

There’s also this jean skirt that is literally made of jeans. It’s called fashion. Look it up.

We’ll leave you with some High Fashion.

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