13-Time World Champ Female Arm Wrestler Snatching Dudes’ Souls On South Beach Is The New Rosie The Riveter

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  • Irina Gladkaya is a 13-time arm wrestling World Champion after beginning her career at age 15 at the advice of a gym teacher.
  • “The Black Diamond” posted up on South Beach to snatch the souls out of men much larger than her.
  • We are all humbled.

Looks like your wife’s coffee mug is right. The future really is female.

If you happen to find yourself on a Miami boardwalk and see a dark-haired Russian woman gearing up for an arm wrestling match, do yourself a favor and run the other way. She may be stronger than you, but hopefully you’re faster.

Her name is Irina Gladkaya aka Black Diamond. She is a lawyer by trade and moonlights as one of the most dominant arm wrestlers on the planet. She stands a paltry 5-foot-6, 166 pounds and has been crowned World Champion 13 times. THIRTEEN TIMES.

Gladkaya recently posted up shop on South Beach and snatched soul after soul from dudes of all shapes and sizes. Few of them even got close.

We begin with the customary buttocks massage.

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Is this a paid position? And do I need a cover letter? That’s where I draw the line.

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We laugh so we don’t cry.

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TikTok followers don’t translate to arm wrestling wins, my Bryce Hall lookin’ brotha.

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No hard feelings, Chad. We still invited to your dad’s beach house after this? I’ll bring the Zimas.

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Mr. Randolph, you had a very solid NBA career. Sail off into the sunset with the rest of your integrity.

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Finally, a man with a brain.

Tom Brady who?

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