‘Far Cry 5’ Short Film To Be Released And Gameplay Of How You Can Use A Pet Bear To Attack Enemies

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We are only weeks away from the release of Far Cry 5, the highly successful FPS franchise from Ubisoft. The original Far Cry launched 14 years ago this month, and the latest chapter looks to be the best yet. Far Cry 5 continues to be a first-person shooter set in an open world environment. This installment is set in Hope County, Montana, where a cult named Eden’s Gate has taken hold of the fictional town by persuasion, intimidation, and even violence. The leader of this militaristic doomsday cult is a charismatic preacher named Joseph Seed, who calls himself “The Father.” The few townspeople who have not been swept into this cult form a resistance group to fight against Eden’s Gate.

A short film based on Far Cry 5 titled Inside Eden’s Gate has been made and you can watch the trailer now. The entire short film premieres on March 5th on Amazon Prime Video. The movie will be a little bit different than the video game because it will follow three vloggers who venture into Hope County to expose Eden’s Gate. “As the vloggers follow the leads of missing locals and other strange events, they come face-to-face with Joseph Seed … and the rest of the fanatical doomsday cult,” GameSpot reports.

Now back to the actual game. We’ve got some gameplay footage and some awesome news. In Far Cry 5, you not only have a wide array of weapons but you also have a pet bear! The best part is that you can sic your pet bear on your enemies. You feed and pet your affectionate brown bear whose name is Cheeseburger. If you really treat Cheeseburger well, he’ll even give you a loving lick. Far Cry 5 releases on March 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.