Finish Line, Sandy Koufax and The Entourage Movie: OH YEAH, OH YEAH ft. Connor Toole


BroBible writer and Entourage super fan Connor Toole joined Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah this week to break down the middle episode of Season 4: The WeHo Ho.

In this week’s episode Lloyd cheats, Billy Walsh and E make up and Vinnie tries to climb a mountain. While not one of the more memorable episodes of the show, Connor and I went deep on The Entourage Movie, which he rewatched in preparation for the pod and whether we were Finish Line vs. Foot Locker guys in the early 2000s.

Personally, I’m team Foot Locker all the way, as I worked there as my first job in high school. I sadly no longer have the referee outfit, which would have made for a great Halloween costume. I do however have a Panda Express worker’s outfit from a shoot I did at a Panda Express in 20119, which might be even better.

Connor was a highlight reel guest who brought both the energy and the research every good Entourage podcast needs. Looking forward to having him back. Hit the link below to subscribe and listen!

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