Firefighter Posts Scary Photos Showing Why People Should Never Screw With Downed Power Lines

Fairview-Caseyville Fire Downed Lines

Fairview-Caseyville Fire Department / Facebook

Before every heavy snowstorm or on those days of flooding rains and winds, the news always warns of downed powerlines’ possibilities.

I never really gave those warnings a second thought until seeing the Fairview-Caseyville Township Fire Department photos of a downed powerline and the damage they can do to property and, God forbid, people.

The Illinois firefighters responded to downed power lines in a wooded area in the early morning hours and noticed arcing —  that’s when an electrical current jumps gaps between conductors — and alerted the power company.

After the power company shut down the lines and deemed the area safe, the firefighters left the scene. A short time later, a deputy chief in training went back to better assess the damage during daylight.

The deputy chief took photos of his startling discovery at the scene to warn people about just how dangerous powerlines can be.

The Fairview-Caseyville Township Fire Department explained on their Facebook page:

Below are pictures of a solid mass of glass. This piece of jagged glass should be proof enough why you should always avoid downed powerlines.

The amount of energy (heat) exerted from the high voltage line melted the sand in the soil to create this dangerous work of art. Please avoid downed powerlines even if you believe the line is dead.

It turned sand into glass! Imagine what it could do to you!

Here are the insane photos of the “blown glass” work of art.

Let this be a lesson to everyone about the dangers of downed lines. If they fall in your yard or on your block, immediately call the police or local fire department.

Don’t be stupid and try to “move” the lines or you could end up as a piece of art.

[via Fairview-Caseyville Township Fire Dept.]