Hero In First Class Gets Kicked Off American Airlines Flight For Giving Shots To Friends In Economy

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A modern-day Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor on a recent American Airlines flight. A passenger took free drinks from first class and tried to give them to his friends in economy. This hero paid the ultimate price and was kicked off the flight, but we tell his story to celebrate his legend and generosity.

Writer Katie Genter at The Points Guy was on a flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta last weekend. That’s where she witnessed the lion-hearted heroics of one passenger in first class. A man was seated in first class and was offered a pre-departure beverage (PDB), but he wasn’t about to enjoy all of his first class goodness without his bros.

Our hero ordered two “double shots on ice,” but the flight attendant told him he could only order one drink at a time. The quick-witted man ordered one “double shot” for himself and one for the female passenger next to him, who actually wasn’t interested in a pre-flight cocktail. With his two drinks in hand, the brave protagonist went to bring the alcoholic beverages to his friends in economy. However, his benevolent gesture was thwarted by a flight attendant who told him that he has to stay in first class. He told the stewardess that he was going to use the bathroom, but she informed him there was a bathroom in first class.

The champion of class equality texted his friends to come to first class and get their drinks. They too were stopped by a flight attendant before they could get to the first class.

For all of his good deeds, the Robin Hood of commercial airliners was kicked off the flight. Apparently, there is something called the “Federal Regulation 121.575” that states “No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to them.” This gentleman was just trying to take his privilege and give it to those less privileged than him. Can we start a GoFundMe for this hero?

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