TikToker Tries Five Guys’ Free Extra Bacon Hack & Gets 30 Pieces Of Bacon At No Charge

Five Guys burgers

One TikTok user saw the viral “free extra bacon” hack at decided to try it for himself and got some impressive results.

Last week, a former Five Guys worker gave out a secret fast food menu hack by revealing that Five Guys doesn’t charge for extra bacon.

“Literally, you can order as many pieces of bacon you want on your burger, and it’s free of charge,” he said.

TikToker Allen Farrell attempted the Five Guys bacon hack and tried to get workers to give him 30 pieces of extra bacon at no charge.

The Five Guys workers obliged and told him and told him “it’s policy to give you alot of bacon.’

Farrell ended up leaving with a side of 30 pieces of bacon at no charge.


Five Guys Unlimited Bacon Hack!? 😳🥓

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Another TikToker tried the hack and got 8 pieces of free extra bacon on his order.

It’s only a matter of time until Five Guys goes broke by giving people extra bacon if they don’t change their policy.

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