This Third Generation Cobbler In Chicago Will Keep Your Classic Sneakers Fresh AF

fix your kicks

YouTube / Great Big Story

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of sneakers/shoes only to see them get scuffed up and fall apart over time. We’ve all owned classic and iconic sneakers throughout the years and we’ve all watched as those shoes slowly turned to shit the more we wore them. There’s one dude in Chicago who’s trying to stop this from happening.

Joshua Marin was born into the business of cobbling but instead of preserving old-school loafers like his grandfather he’s taking care of the hottest sneakers around. This is a badass business idea because it takes a proven industry and modernizes it, and it’s one that seems to be working out pretty well:

via YouTube:

Joshua Marin is a third-generation cobbler, born and raised in Chicago’s North Side. While he inherited the old-school trade from his father and grandfather, the 20-year-old is putting his own fresh spin on shoe repair. At his Fix Your Kicks stores, Marin lovingly restores sneakers—primarily Air Jordans—to their former glory. Today, he’s a respected business owner, embraced by the community for his high-quality work. (via)

I’ve been loving Great Big Story videos on YouTube lately. They seem to be dropping the best storytelling around. So definitely follow that link and check out the rest of their YouTube channel if you liked that video above.

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