Florida Sheriff’s Office Forced To Tell Citizens To Not Shoot Bullets At Hurricane Irma

by 6 months ago

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Many people have thought about ways to stop hurricanes before they make landfall including dragging a gigantic glacier to the path of the hurricane to cool the waters or pumping huge quantities of cold water into the eye of a hurricane to decrease its strength. Then there’s Florida’s idea to suppress hurricanes – shoot at it with guns. Yes, someone thought shooting a small metal bullet from miles away from the eye of the storm will stop a massive 400-mile-wide Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds.

A Facebook event was created called “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” where it said: “YO SO THIS GOOFY 🙄🙄LOOKING WINDY HEADASS NAMED IRMA SAID THEY PULLING UP ON US🤔🤔🤔, LETS SHOW IRMA THAT WE SHOOT FIRST 😤😤😤”

It’s obviously a joke right? Right? RIGHT?!?! Sadly, this joke caused over 54,000 people signed up to shoot at Hurricane Irma. The event went so viral that the Pasco Sheriff’s Office was forced to respond to the ridiculous hurricane prevention.

“Over 99% of the people out there have common sense and are listening, but we in law enforcement deal with the 1%, so we are trying to get the message to them,” explained Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. Pasco County is located on the western coast of Florida near Tampa.

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