Florida State Band Mocks LSU Over Blowout Loss With Vicious Song Choice During Halftime Show

Florida State Marching Band Troll LSU With Neck
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Florida State football beat LSU to begin the 2023 college football season on Labor Day weekend and will not let the fine folks in Baton Rouge forget. The Seminoles marching band, The Marching Chiefs, took aim right at the Tigers during halftime of Saturday’s game against the Golden Eagles Mustard Buzzards from Southern Miss.

Cameo and Dem Francise Boyz’s smash hit “Talkin’ Out Da Side of Ya Neck” has made its way to college football over the last few decades. It features a heavy brass section, so it only made sense to bring it over to the gridiron (and other sports).

There isn’t a clear answer as to which school got the ball rolling or when. Norfolk State University’s Spartan Legion band is believed to be the first to play the song back in 1984, when it first hit charts.

Southern University later added the song to its repertoire in the late 90s. The Human Jukebox can be largely credited with the astronomical rise in popularity and still plays the song today.

LSU’s Golden Band From Tigerland later adopted the song. They added a chant during the chorus that says: “Aaaaaayyyooooooooo. Suck that Tiger d—k, b—!” The Tigers took it to the next level because their fanbase is much bigger and objectively bonkers.

It was absolute mayhem at Tiger Stadium when the LSU band would play ‘Neck.’

Unfortunately, because of the explicit chant, the Golden Band was banned from playing the song a few years back. They get fined when they play it.

Odell Beckham Jr. to pick up the tab so that it could be played in 2017.

The Tigers decided to eat the fine during the 2020 national championship and Joe Burrow even joined in.

All of this goes to say that LSU and ‘Neck’ are synonymous. Even if Norfolk and Southern did it first.

Thus, as the Seminoles put a beatdown on the Tigers in Week 1, the Marching Chiefs broke it out.

And then, during their halftime performance in Week 2, the Marching Chiefs played ‘Neck’ while spelling out the score of the Week 1 win. Savage!

Florida State is cooking with gas early in the season and its marching band is not showing mercy!