Florida Teacher Charged With Running A Fight Club At Middle School

boxing ring florida teacher middle school fight club


A teacher in Florida has been arrested for allegedly organizing and running a fight club the middle school where she was teaching.

The teacher was charged with four counts of contributing to child delinquency.

Court documents obtained by WCTV News allege that the teacher, who worked at Griffin Middle School in Tallahassee, not only allowed students to fight in her classroom, she helped organize them.

The fight club was reportedly exposed when, you guessed it, videos of several of the alleged fights made their way to a school resource deputy and school administrators.

“According to the documents, several sixth-grade girls told detectives that they participated in planned fights during school hours, and they allege they were invited back for additional fights,” WCTV News reports.

These students also claimed that the teacher would make statements like “30 seconds, no screaming, no yelling, no phones.”

In three of the fight club videos, the teacher is seen standing nearby or sitting at her desk, reports the Miami Herald.

She could also allegedly be heard on the videos saying “stop pulling hair” and “no screaming.”

Four of the girls who were caught fighting on video said “the fights were not only pre-planned but endorsed by Footman,” the Herald reports court records read.

“Additionally, court records detail two of the girls telling police that Footman asked if they wanted to come back during her planning period to “run it back,” the Herald added.

An arraignment for the teacher is scheduled for May 4 and if convicted, she can face up to a year behind bars for each charge.

Meanwhile in Orlando, Florida, a high school psychology teacher was recently fired for making his students write about how they’d react to a school shooting and to author their own obituaries.

He plans on appealing his dismissal.

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