A Herd Of Cows Captured A Woman Trying To Run From The Cops In Greatest Police Chase Of 2018

When it comes to mainstream media coverage, Florida Man tends to hot the spotlight from Florida Woman. It’s not her fault, Florida Man just provides some of the most outrageous news in America. Just last week that Florida Man went running through a convenience store carrying a live alligator.

This, however, will be hard to top.

A Florida Woman running from police in a stolen SUV tried to escape the cops by ditching the truck and running into what she thought was a vacant field.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, the field was actually full of extremely law-abiding cows.

The herd of cows was immediately interested in her presence, and we know this because the police were filming her using night vision the entire time which also showed the herd of cows.

From almost the exact instance she plows into the field the cows are utterly shocked by her presence. You can even hear the police chatter speculating on whether or not she’ll be attacked by the cows.

There are two versions of this video. One has commentary from the daytime news which helps set the stage some and the other is a straight-forward YouTube video which shows the cows circling the perp and eventually corralling her until police arrive and are able to make the arrest:


I’ll be honest, it hasn’t ever occurred to me that police choppers are cruising around with cameras capable of tracking heat signatures.

Also, I definitely had no idea that the picture would be so crisp you could watch a rowdy cow jumping up and down while chasing some chick in a field.

Shout out to my home state of Florida for always keeping the news interesting.