Your Dog Has Worse FOMO Than You Do, But FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats Will Help Keep It Mellow

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FOMO is one of the worst kinds of anxieties, but, hey, it happens to all of us. You know those days when you’re sitting around hungover on the couch after a hard night out and see all the Instagram posts of your friends doing things much more productive and fun than you? Yeah, FOMO sets in. Or, when you’re forced to be with your family during a perfect summer day and your buddies are all out drinking on a boat while wakeboarding? Yep, major league FOMO.

As much as you and I get FOMO, though, your dog actually gets it just as bad, which can cause him or her to go from man’s best friend to the most annoying pup on the face of the planet. Instead of getting frustrated and wondering what you can do to chill your canine out, you might want to consider FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats, which will singlehandedly help your dog relax.

Since FOMO Bones CBD dog treats have just 5 milligrams of CBD, your dog won’t become a total stoner or anything, but they will become much more chill — which is a dream come true for a pup that can’t shake its FOMO ways.

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FOMO Bones

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So, what are some clear situations when you might want to slip your dog a FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treat? Here are a couple examples when their FOMO might be creeping in.


Whether it’s in a car or by putting your pup as luggage on an airplane, we all know that most dogs don’t handle traveling too well. Instead of feeling guilty that your canine is freaking out being away from you as they deal with the anxiety of traveling, slip them a FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treat and feel confident that they aren’t struggling like they used to.

Day Care Or Petsitter

Most dogs grow so attached to their owners that they find themselves anxious and crying anytime they have to leave their side. Much like a crying baby gets when being held by another person, dogs experience that FOMO, too — and make it well known with their whimpers and whining. FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats can help calm that type of anxiety, though.

Jealous Of Other People

Are you one of those people who seems to have your dog climbing all over you when you’re trying to watch a movie with your girlfriend? Yeah, sounds really familiar, right? Your pup’s just reminding you that he or she is really the No. 1 in your life, and is trying to keep as much of your attention as possible. With FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats, that type of jealousy can subside.

Anxious Waiting Or Crying

For the dog that sits by the door all day long just waiting for you to come home from work or a night out, FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats is a perfect option to have them relax a bit more. You want your pup to be the best version of itself, right? Of course you do, so put their mind at ease by slipping them 5 milligrams of CBD to let them feel confident even when you’re not around.

Order FOMO Bones using the code BROPUPS for 10% off!


You want to be the best dog owner on the planet, don’t you? While you give your puppy love by letting it sleep in bed with you, take him or her for walks in the freezing cold and love it like your first born, why not help its mind calm a bit more with FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats, which is the best way to show you really care.

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