Does Your Dog Get More Action From Your Date Than You Do?

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For those bros out there who have a dog, you know all too well that every single gal wants to pet that thing as if it’s a chance to hold a newborn baby. There’s just something about a pup that brings out the flirt in a woman, and dogs are a tremendous icebreaker for guys to try and chat up the opposite sex. It’s literally like fishing with dynamite at times.

That’s all good and well to get a number of the cute gal in the park, but an overactive dog while you and that lady friend are trying to spend time together can be a really big pain in the ass. No joke, you might find your gal giving more love to the pup rather than you, which is never a good look.

This is where taking control of your dog’s emotions can be handy, which is why FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats are the best option for doing just that.

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FOMO Bones

So, how does FOMO Bones CBD dog treats help mellow out man’s best friend so you can enjoy some one-on-one time with your date without distraction? Each treat has just 5 milligrams of CBD, which gives your dog just the perfect amount of chill for he or she to feel OK about not getting all the attention in the room.

Gone are the days of sharing the bed, the couch and being pup-blocked from cuddling up with your date, because FOMO Bones allows your dog to be alone without all the anxiety.

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fomo bones

Separation anxiety is a serious problem for a lot of dogs, and while you might feel bad about it when you leave each day for work or go out of town on a buddies trip for a weekend, you might not feel as guilty when you and a date are trying to get closer towards the end of the night. Just slip your pup a FOMO Bones CBD dog treat and you can get back to being the charming gent you are — and not have to push away a pup who’s acting like a spaz who can’t keep his or her emotions in check.

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