The Foo Fighters Busted Out An Acoustic Version Of ‘Everlong’ Before An Epic Christmas Medley Of Songs

by 1 year ago
Foo Fighters Christmas Medley SNL

SNL / YouTube

The Foo Fighters were the musical guest last weekend on Saturday Night Live where they performed one of the best musical sets the show has seen in 2017. This took place in the band’s second song/set of the night on SNL.

It all started with Dave Grohl busting out an acoustic version of ‘Everlong’. This is a fan favorite version of the song that Dave actually rejects sometimes because he prefers to play it fully-charged and with all of the intensity of the Foo Fighters. After ‘Everlong’ the band dove head first into a medley of epic Christmas songs. If you’re watching one music video today, make sure it’s this one:

Normally, my colleague Paul would’ve shared this video with you bros yesterday but he’s on a beach somewhere right now living the high life, so I’m bringing you all this clip today even though it’s Monday already and this clip is from Saturday Night Live. You don’t even have to be a Foo Fighters fan to enjoy this but I also can’t really wrap my mind around how someone wouldn’t be a Foo Fighters fan since they’re one of the greatest bands of the past few decades.

If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit (it should), then I’d have to invite you on down to my local YMCA here in Sarasota, Florida. I rolled into the gym last Monday to do some lifting only to find the entire lobby of the gym had been taken over by elderly people singing Christmas carols and suddenly I realized that I needed to find a new gym.

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