Luckiest Woman Alive Smashes Multiple Four-Leaf Clover World Records With Outrageous Collection

four-leaf clover world record collection

iStockphoto / Nadya So

The luckiest woman alive has just smashed multiple four-leaf clover world records with a collection so large and impressive it’s hard to believe it’s real.

Gabriella Gerhardt of Wisconsin just broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest four-leaf clover collection with 118,791 four-leaf clovers. That’s more than 7,000 four-leaf clovers than the previous Guinness World Record which was 111,060.

It doesn’t stop there.

An article in NBC 15 shines a spotlight on just how vast her collection is. Every sentence of this excerpt grows more and more absurd:

“When certified, her collection of 119,172 four-leaf clovers (a mutation of the three-leaf clovers in a white clover or Trifolium repens plant, commonly found in grass mixes in parks and yards) will break the current record set at 111,060.”

“Gerhardt currently holds two Guinness World Records: one for finding 887 four-leaf clovers in eight hours and another for finding 451 clovers in one hour (a record that appeared on page 53 of the 2022 print edition of the Guinness Book of World Records). She also has two more world records pending confirmation: the largest certified collection of six-leaf clovers (1,437, which breaks the record of 43) and the largest collection of seven-leaf clovers (209, breaking the previous record of 17).”

The odds of finding a four-leaf clover in the wild is 1-in-10,000. Those odds basically refer to the frequency of the genetic mutation in the wild.

The odds of finding a five-leaf clover are 1-in-100,000 and the odds of finding a six-leaf clover are 1-in-312,500. And here’s the kicker, the odds of finding a seven-leaf clover are 1-in-250,000,000. She has 209 of them!

Here is a ’60-second documentary’ of Gabriella from last year when her collection was just 95,000+ four-leaf clovers. It’s since grown by well over 20,000 and she’s captured multiple four-leaf clover world records:

On her Instagram, Gabriella has shared some photos of the most outrageous clovers she’s found. Case in point, this seven-leaf clover that looks out of this world:

She found a ten-leaf clover! The odds of finding this aren’t even known.

He found well over 20,000 clovers in 2022 on her way to smashing four-leaf clover world records:

On her website, she has pictures of the binders used to store her record-setting four-leaf clover collection.

I can’t wait to see how far this collection goes. The sky’s the limit.