Woman Holding French Fries Learns The Hard Way That Seagulls Are Absolute Savages

Seagulls Stealing Fries


There are a few things I vividly remember from days as a kid vacationing at the Jersey shore.

The sound of the ice cream man ringing the bell to alert kids he’s waiting on the street, the hot ass sand burning my feet, and seagulls are dicks.

I remember the warnings from adults.

“Don’t leave food out.”
“Don’t feed one, a hundred will show up.”
“They’re ALWAYS waiting to strike.”

Monique Sveinsson was having a beach day in Brighton, England. She bought some fries to munch on when a colony of seagulls decided “yeah, fries for lunch would be good.”

At that point, Sveinsson was powerless to stop the onslaught.


Sveinsson was better off just tossing the fries and running the opposite direction. Those seagulls weren’t giving up. It was a lost cause.

Just give up, go buy more fries, ask for them in a bag, and hide under an umbrella.

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