25 Funny-As-Hell Tweets And Memes From Dads This Week

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Twitter / @jhermann

My apartment air conditioning unit stopped blowing cold air. The unit is roughly 30 years old.

The landlord sent the maintenance guy to check it out. The unit is in a wall but the space is too big for a modern-sized unit and the outlet can’t handle a newer unit so the fuse will blow the second it’s turned on.

There are two possible solutions – finding the perfect unit which is massive but low in BTUs or buying a new A/C unit, putting it in the wall, changing out the outlet to handle the air conditioner, and fixing the wall around the unit.

The maintenance guy – being typically lazy – is on a search for the perfect unit that probably doesn’t exist while I’m sweating my fucking ass off with no air and sleeping in my kid’s room because it has an A/C unit.

And I haven’t seen or heard from him since yesterday morning.

Why am telling everyone this story? This is my way of saying DON’T RENT unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Things that could get fixed in hours don’t get fixed for days, months, or ever.

Sorry, I needed to get that off my hot, sweaty, pissed off chest.

Here are some of the funniest parenting tweets and memes from dads this week.



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