Gambler Wins Over $1 Million Within 5 Minutes Of Showing Up At The Casino On St. Patrick’s Day

Las Vegas

iStockphoto / bluejayphoto

Beginner’s luck? Luck o’ the Irish? Or was there some otherworldly force at play here when a gambler won a literal fortune within 5 minutes of gambling at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day?

While I was at home cooking up corned beef and cabbage for my extended family, a tourist from Hawaii was becoming an overnight millionaire in Las Vegas. It took them less than five minutes at the slots before they won a jackpot worth $1,029,529.13 on a ‘Monopoly’ penny slots machine.

I didn’t even realize this was the PENNY SLOTS at first until I noticed the 1C on the slot machine and now I’m even more jealous. I once won $350 on the penny slots at a casino in Panama and thought I was rich. I can’t even imagine the energy coursing through that person’s veins after the jackpot hit. I need to know if they were wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day.

I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game last Saturday night and threw some $ on a 4-team NHL parlay and thought I was the big winner after my team won and the bet paid out just under $300, but this person didn’t have to do anything other than sit down at a dang machine and press a button for a shorter amount of time than most people spend on the toilet.

I’ve never been to the Plaza Hotel and Casino myself and had to look it up on a map. It’s just off Fremont Street, across the way from the Golden Nugget and Binion’s in downtown Las Vegas and not over on the main strip. I learned to play craps at the Golden Nugget on a bachelor party so I’m kind of shocked we didn’t pop in across the street and check it out.

There aren’t too many details on this winner other than the $1,029,529.13 jackpot and the fact that they were gambling for less than 5 minutes and had just come in from Hawaii.

Must be nice. You liv ein one of the most expensive places in the world and you fly to Las Vegas, a city where you burn cash so fast it might as well be set on fire, and you’re an instant millionaire.

(h/t WSBTV)