‘Game Of Thrones’ Questions Answered: Who’s Alive, Is It An Ice Dragon And How Big Is The Army Of The Dead?

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We learned that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will be released in the “first half” of 2019, but we’re still probably eight months away from the first episode hitting our screens. To satiate your unquenchable thirst for Game of Thrones content, we present some intriguing answers to a few burning questions from the Season 7 finale.

Some resourceful Redditors discovered the script from last year’s season finale titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” that was posted in full on the Emmys website. Numerous questions were answered, so proceed with caution because spoilers are ahead.

For those of you wondering what became of Viserion, the flying beast is indeed an ice dragon and this creature still breathes fire, not ice. The zombie ice dragon spits blue fire and not ice or whatever frozen substance many people hypothesized. Because you obviously obliterate a 700-foot-tall, 300-foot-wide ice wall with fire and not more ice.


This question was actually already answered last August by Jeremy Podeswa, who directed the episode. “The way I looked at it was, when the sept burned down, that was green fire, and so then the dragon is going to have some kind of blueish fire,” Podeswa told the Huffington Post. “It’s certainly still fire — it has the ability to burn the Wall and melt snow. But it’s going to have a different kind of magical quality to it, because it’s coming from an undead dragon.”

So when the Wall was destroyed by zombie Viserion, there were plenty of beloved characters on the top of the Wall. As last season’s finale ended, there was speculation on whether Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion survived the collapse of the Wall in Eastwatch.


The script states: “They run for their lives and disappear from view.” This is rather ambiguous on whether they survived or not. Optimists will say they definitely survived by getting to the portion of the Wall that didn’t crash to the ground (plus they’re two awesome characters who deserve a better demise). Meanwhile, the George RR Martins of the world will say there’s no way they pull through the collapse of the huge structure and they’re dead.

The script also paints a dire future for the citizens of Westeros who are south of the Wall because there is a massive zombie army raging marching towards them. The Night King not only has a blue fire-breathing dragon, but also a gargantuan army at his disposal.


The Night King is leading an army of 100,000 White Walkers into the Seven Kingdoms. The script reads: “Emerging from the frozen coastal forest, the ARMY OF THE DEAD comes in force. All of them, 100,000 strong, with hundreds of WHITE WALKER officer corps on their dead horses.”


The North Army has about 45,000 soldiers, the Iron Islands have about 20,000, Riverland and the Vale of Arryn both have 45,000, the Westerland have about 50,000, the Crownlands have 15,000, the Stormlands 30,000, the Reach has about 80-100,000 and finally, Dorne has 10,000 men. Remember, any of the living soldiers that are killed can be resurrected by the Night King to serve in his Army of the Dead. Pardon my French, but Jon Snow and the gang are fucked. Better start mining for more dragon glass like yesterday.


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