Bad News: Other ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs Are Dead, Good News: Final Season’s Release Date Less Murky

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I’ve got some good Game of Thrones news and some bad Game of Thrones news for you. Let’s start with the positive news; we now have a more concrete release date for the final season of Game of Thrones. We have known for months that the last six GoT episodes would arrive sometime in 2019. We now have a six-month window as to when the hit TV show will be available on HBO.

HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys says the final season of Game of Thrones will be released in the “first half” of 2019. Based on previous seasons, one would expect that the eighth season will begin to air in late March or April. Since it is only months away, its kind of crazy that we don’t have a more concise timeframe considering that we know the exact date that “Untitled Marvel Movie 9″ arrives in theaters (July 29, 2022).

Now to the bad news. You know those four Game of Thrones spinoffs that HBO was exploring? They’re all apparently dead except for the one that has already been greenlit. “There are no plans to make any others at this point,” said Bloys. When the HBO head was asked if the others are dead or merely on hold, Bloys said, “A combination.” That doesn’t sound promising.

This is kind of bullshit because only a month ago George RR Martin not only said that the other three spinoffs were currently in “active development,” but there was a possibility of multiple spinoff series. Why is this dude always lying about his books being done or shows being picked up?

Last May, HBO had several writers pen spinoffs for the world of Westeros. Then in May of this year, HBO selected one of the spinoffs to be made into a show (Read everything we know and possible plots HERE).

There is even more bad news; the upcoming GoT prequel is far, far, far, far away from hitting our screens. There were early reports that the Game of Thrones prequel would start filming in October. Those reports were big, fat lies. Bloys said that the Game of Thrones prequel by showrunner Jane Goldman won’t start until early 2019. Bollocks! The show doesn’t even have a director or cast yet. What the hell are they waiting for? Winter can’t come soon enough.

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