Garth Brooks Is Getting Blasted By The Dumbest People On The Internet For Wearing A Barry Sanders Jersey To Detroit Show

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People are dumb. There are dumb people on the left. There are dumb people on the right. Hell, I just learned how to spell Cincinnati last week. It really should have two t’s instead of two n’s and this is the only belief I hold strongly.

Sometimes there are people who aren’t dumb, their identity is just so entangled with their political ideology that everything in their lives is colored by which old person is going to be on television for the next four years to distract them from themselves.

The most cartoonish example of this came last week when country singer Garth Brooks wore a Barry Sanders jersey to perform in Detroit, Michigan.

How could a repping a Hall of Fame running back in the city he spent his entire career possibly lead to grown women with short haircuts and men with no black friends becoming Mad Online?

These idiots thought he was repping a Bernie Sanders jersey. Bernie Sanders, like the really old guy who probably thinks footballs deserve healthcare.

Ok, ok. That was just on Facebook, which has somehow morphed into the Bingo Night of social media platforms.

I have higher expectations for Instagram.

Can you guys imagine if he hadn’t hung up the cleats early? He had so much left in the tank.

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Update: This has come full circle. Love to see it.

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