German water park built inside military blimp hanger is übermensch of theme parks

Can anyone tell me why we haven’t reappropriated more of our world’s defunct military bases in to glorious water parks?

Tropical Islands Resort, opened since 2004, isn’t a new attraction. Yet somehow I’m only just hearing about it for the first time, and Germany just won the World Cup and HOLY $HIT WHY DO THEY GET SO MANY NICE THINGS?!

I’m not saying this park, like ever other water park, isn’t drowning in urine. But given that it’s ze Germans, I’d have to think they came up with some highly efficient method of managing it. I haven’t been to a water park in nearly two decades for this reason alone, I’m just not into swimming in piss. I know, I’m crazy….Yet, cockroaches or not, somehow I trust the cleanliness of the water here. So who’s up for a trip to Brandenburg?


Two guys act out a conversation between their mom and aunt and I just died laughing

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