These Guys Capturing A GIGANTIC Snake That Was On The Loose Is Pure, High-Octane Nightmare Fuel

by 10 months ago
Giant Snake Captured Village Vietnam


Okay, it was just a week ago that some folks down south of Miami found a record-size Burmese Python and now we have to deal with this?! I’m telling you, if the monkeys or birds don’t eventually unite to wipe us humans off the face of the earth, it’s going to be these damn snakes the size of, ummm, these really big snakes, that will be the end of us.

This particular giant snake was on the loose in the Dong Cau village in Vietnam. I can only assume that people were terrified of it because the crazy people in the video that track it down and capture it don’t seem nearly as phased as I would be if I were in that situation (which, of course, I would never be because I would have noped the hell out of there at the first mention of a “giant snake”).

Watch these insane people in action below…

Oh man, that video got me to wondering (after I changed my drawers). Do snakes ever just chase after you for no apparent reason? Because every time I see one, like I said, I’m outie.

According to Reptiles magazine, who assume know what they’re talking about, had this to say…

Some species of snakes will actively “chase” human beings, such as the Central American bushmaster (Lachesis muta muta). An enormous and lethally venomous serpent, the bushmaster is well-known for this behavior. Panama’s tourism department actually warns tourists of the aggressive nature of these rarely encountered yet highly dangerous serpents.

Within the United States, two genera of serpents also will chase humans, but “chase” isn’t exactly the correct word for what actually happens. Some members of the genera Pituophis and Agkistrodon seem so aggressive to people whom unexpectedly encounter them in the wild that they appear to chase the interloper away.

And I would identify one of these snakes by…… them chasing me?? Yep, we’re all doomed.



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