Gisele Continues Living Her Best Life In New Ad Campaign On The Beach

Gisele Bundchen on the runway

Getty Image / James Devaney / GC Images

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s ex-wife, has reminded the fashion world why she used to be the #1 model on planet earth after debuting a new beach campaign for Jimmy Choo.

This has been quite a busy week for Gisele. She appeared at her first Met Gala without Tom Brady in 15 years and she absolutely crushed it on the red carpet. Not that anyone anticipated anything otherwise.

To close out the week, Gisele Bundchen showed the world that she’s continuing to live her best life by debuting a new Jimmy Choo campaign that she’s the face of.

Gisele’s latest looks for Jimmy Choo are showcased on the beach and include a mixture of swimwear and formalwear that will look perfect poolside in the South of France this Summer.

Gisele showed off a denim look:

Here she is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, a jacket, and walking the red carpet:

I get the sense this dress costs more than most people’s cars but I could be wrong about that…

Bundchen has the Jimmy Choo bag, gown, and sea spray look locked down:

It remains to be seen what her ex-husband Tom Brady is up to this weekend. Formula One has taken over Miami with the Miami Grand Prix at the center of the sports world.

It was only a year ago at the Miami Grand Prix that a lot of rumors started to swirl about Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins. Both he and Gisele have homes in Miami so it will be interesting to track the Brady-Gisele rumors throughout the weekend as the Formula 1 festivities unfold.

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