Everyone’s Dog Is Trying The ‘Golden Retriever Egg Challenge’ And The Results Are Mixed, Sometimes Messy

golden retriever egg challenge

Shutterstock / Mat Hayward

The old story claims that Golden Retriever’s mouth is soft enough to carry an egg without breaking it. This is particularly useful for hunters using a Golden Retrievers to bring back ducks while out in the field. Even though they’re mostly used as family dogs these days and not as hunting dogs, this reputation for having the softest mouth has persisted.

Someone on Twitter decided to test this out the other day and before long the ‘Golden Retriever Egg Challenge’ was born. People are now tweeting videos of their dogs attempting this challenge only it’s not just Golden Retrievers, every type of dog breed is getting in on the action. Some results are better than others. There appears to be an innate understanding for many dogs that these eggs are precious while other dogs just DGAF.

Let’s check out the best of the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge, via Twitter Moments. It all started with this video:

Then everyone else started getting in on the action:

Why aren’t these people testing it out with a hardboiled egg and then seeing whether or not the shell is broken? Doesn’t this seem like the safer way to see if your dog is capable of passing the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge?! Otherwise, you end up with runny egg all over your floor or carpet and nobody wants that.

I’ve actually got some hardboiled eggs in the fridge that I mix in with my dog’s dinner (Bernese Mountain Dog). I’m thinking that I’ll give this challenge a shot later and either tweet it on my personal account @casspa or throw it up on the @BroBible Instagram.