Attention Aging Millennials: Ditch The Hats And Regrow Your Hair With Good Guy Wellness

Brought to you in partnership with Good Guy Wellness.

Hair loss isn’t something any guy really wants to have happen to him. Unfortunately, some dudes have to play the card they’ve been dealt, which can leave them down in the dumps that their thinning hair is causing them to look differently than they remember, maybe making them feel older and, when added all up, making them lose their confidence in a big way. That doesn’t need to happen, though.

As someone who was there myself earlier this year, I can tell you how much it sucks when the hair you’re used to having is suddenly filling up the bottom of your tub more than being styled before a night out. You can feel helpless that your pictures don’t look the same, and, if you’re the online dating type, trying to use pictures that show you now, not a couple years ago when you had some lettuce on your head.

While some people may say that’s just nature running its course, the folks over at Good Guy Wellness beg to differ, because they’re throwing a big-time wrench in that theory.

Now available online and at Walmart


Look, I’ve used the Good Guy Wellness products myself for the past few months, so I can vouch that this stuff works, with my hair loss being combatted in a way I never actually thought it could be. Sure, I was skeptical at first before trying it, but since I’ve started the step-by-step products, I’ve seen less of my scalp and more of my hair.

Ideally, you should use daily, washing your hair with both the shampoo and conditioner, eating the gummies to help promote healthy hair growth and using the 5% minoxidil drops on the back of your head to stop that thinning hair in back — not in the front, guys, because it’s not meant for a receding hair line that comes with frontal baldness.

Now available online and at Walmart


Yep, just like any morning routine you might have, adding in the Good Guy Wellness products each day is simple. Seriously, I wake up, hit the bathroom, pop a couple of gummies, drop a little bit of the MINOXIDL on my scalp and, boom, I’m ready to go. And anytime I’m showering, I make sure to use both the shampoo and conditioner, which helps keep my hair healthy — but, admittedly, even when I skip a day of using it, my hair still looks thick.

I wasn’t sure how Good Guy Wellness would work for me. Hell, I didn’t think it’d even work at all. But now that I’m five months into using the three-step process just about every day, I couldn’t imagine not using it, or, worse, how I might have looked trying a cheesy combover to hide my hair loss before.

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