2 Gray Whales Survive A 6-Hour Attack From Pod Of 30 Killer Whales

pod of Killer Whales orcas

iStockphoto / cullenphotos

January through March is the most popular whale migration season along California’s coast.

Whale watchers in Monterey Bay have the chance to see Humpback Whales, Killer Whales (Orcas), Gray Whales, Blue Whales, and other species.

Recent drone footage filmed on March 30th captured the darker side of whale migration season as different species compete for the same resources, and some whales try to turn other species into food.

Drone footage from Monterey Bay Whale Watch shows 2 adult gray whales surviving an epic 6-hour attack from a pod of 30 killer whales. Orcas are known to predate on gray whale calves during migration season but both gray whales were able to survive the onslaught from the pod of 30 killer whales.

There is a content warning on this saying sensitive viewers may be disturbed by the content. But the gray whales survive, and this footage merely illustrates the harsh realities of nature.

You can see a 20-minute video of the footage on YouTube but here is a shorter version of that clip above:

And here is a third clip that is a little longer:

According to NBC Washington, orcas weigh between 8,000 to 12,000 pounds on average. While the much larger gray whales weigh up to 78,000 pounds.

Orcas earned their moniker of ‘killer whales’ for a reason. The species is synonymous with predation and they have been known to take down great white sharks.

Monterey Bay offers a unique opportunity to witness whale behavior such as this. It is a must-stop for anyone serious about whale watching.

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