Divers Come Face-To-Face With 17-Foot Great White Shark Who Bites Their Cage And Shakes It With Ease

Great white shark smiling in the blue ocean

iStockphoto / RamonCarretero

I haven’t been fortunate enough to travel to Guadalupe or South Africa (yet) to dive with Great White Sharks in cages. I’ve been diving with sharks before but never with Great White Sharks and this is 100% something on my travel bucket list.

This encounter took place during a 5-day dive trip to Guadalupe Island where the group left from San Diego and got to spend a considerable amount of time in the vibrant ecosystem about 200 miles off Ensanada. According to For The Win, Nancy Lasuzzo of Bossier City, Louisiana was in the dive cage filming this action below.

This estimated 17-foot-long Great White Shark sinks its powerful teeth into the cage and shakes it like a Polaroid picture all while the divers in the cage were just a few inches away. You get a really good view of the shark’s strength as it flexes those powerful muscles.

Here’s how it all went down, according to For The Win:

The great white shark swam up from the depths and bit into a big plastic float attached to the top of the cage. Conniff told CBS8 he wasn’t nervous or scared, “but it was definitely something that kept me on my toes for sure.”
To Lasuzzo, one of 14 women on the charter, it was exhilarating.

“She came up from the depths and she just showed us who was boss,” Lasuzzo told CBS8. “She shook our cage a little bit, but surprisingly there as no fear, it was just pure adrenaline and joy.
“When it was over, it was just a feeling like, ‘Wow, I was just chosen for that moment in time,’ and I will never forget that. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.” (via)

The footage is short but it’s pretty badass. Here’s the video from Islander Charters via Facebook and Instagram:



It’s pretty impressive that the water didn’t turn brown when that shark started shaking the cage but I guess you are like 99.9999999% safe in there. Here are some other wild photographs they captured of the great whites on that trip:

Look at this absolute unit:

If you’re in Southern California or want to plan a trip around getting there, you can check out the Islander Charters website by following that link and book passage on one of these badass shark driving trips.

And to read more about this shark encounter, you can click here to visit For The Win.