Rob Gronkowski And His Brother Challenged A-Rod And The ‘Shark Tank’ To A Game Of Flip Cup

Rob Gronkowski’s brother, Chris Gronkowski, is a former NFL player who has pivoted to a life of Entrepreneurship. We’ve featured Chris Gronkowski and ‘The Ice Shaker’ several times here on BroBible.

The Ice Shaker is a vacuum-sealed protein shaker that’s f’n awesome. If you haven’t seen that product yet you can check it out here. It’s a product which has been so successful for Chris Gronkowski that he was invited to appear on Shark Tank this season with his brother.

This wasn’t your normal episode of Shark Tank because things quickly devolved into the Gronkowski’s challenging A-Rod, Mark Cuban, and ‘The Sharks’ to a game of flip cup:

You won’t be at all shocked to find out that the Gronkowski’s won. Why was this on TV? Because it’s Rob Gronkowski doing things related to drinking and anyone anywhere will tune in to watch that. I’m a bit shocked that Cuban and A-Rod’s colleagues were down to play this game, but not at all shocked that Mark and Alex got down.

If you’re interested in learning about Chris Gronkowski’s ‘The Ice Shaker‘ just follow that link, or you can check out our full review of the product here.