Dude Holds The Guinness World Record For World’s Tallest High Top Fade And Lawdy This Is Impressive

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Guinness World Records

If you’re a daily BroBible reader, it’s probably pretty obvious to you by now that I’m the one around here who is obsessed with world records. I blog about Guinness World Records every week. Fishing World Records are some of my favorite articles on the Internet. I don’t know what it is about world records that resonates with me but I just can’t get enough of them. What’s my point here? I see a shit ton of news about world records on a daily/weekly basis and rarely do I see any as great as this one:

Benny Harlem is a model in the U.S. who holds the Guinness World Record for having the world’s ‘tallest high top fade’. This makes the high top fade that Christopher ‘Kid’ Play had in 1990’s House Party look like child’s play. Benny Harlem’s record-setting high top fade measures 20.5 inches tall, or 52 centimeters. God bless this man for having such devotion to growing out ridiculous hair.